Halloween Antics

Tenby Halloween

So as it says in my little profile I am a Working Mum. As a mum and wife I get a few hours to myself of an evening if I am lucky. If I am really lucky then I get those few hours with my husband.

Well sometimes I feel as if a full time job in a hotel, and being a full time mum just doesn’t take up enough of my time and energy (said no mother ever!). So I have managed to talk myself into volunteer work. I organise and run a Pancake Race & Dinner event every February to help raise funds for Tenby’s RNLI. On average we raise £500 – £600 each year. So this event rewards with great satisfaction of helping a very worthy cause.

This year I have talked myself into helping a local shopkeeper (Lollies Traditional Sweet Shop in Tenby) and we are building up the event she has run for the last seven years called Tenby’s Trick or Treat Trail. This event allows the smaller children to be involved in Halloween without putting the fear of god into the parents while they knok on strangers doors. This event goes on a guided trail around the shops and local business’s in the Town. It has become so popular that more than 300 children and adults of all ages have started to join in the fun. So for 2016 we are taking it up a notch. We have organised a Zombie Walk.

The Zombie Walk has become overwhelmingly popular all around the world and with the cult following of The Walking Dead it was only a matter of time before it made it’s way to little old Tenby Town in Pembrokeshire.

We will be gathering to start the walk at the entrance of the town cemetery (how spooky is that) we have a hearse for the crowd to follow into the town centre and even a photo opportunity with hearse. As if that wasn’t enough we have arranged for a Halloween disco to follow. There will be spooky dancing, games and even prizes for the best fancy dress.

Oh my! as if my life is not busy enough as it is and I have talked myself into this. On the other hand I LOVE these sorts of events. FREE, FUN and a little bit of special fx makeup. Truth be told I am like a pig in shit. OH I really do hope this goes well and plenty of people turn up.

Wish me luck.




Tired & well travelled

Tired & well travelled


This is my ultimate footwear. I live & work in a seaside resort and these poor sandals have seen me through it all.

It is not often you find that perfect pair for you but I did. I found these sandals on sale reduced from £55 to a mere, line discontinued, £15. When I tried on the very last pair in the shop I instantly fell in love.
These sandals have walked me to work and back for three seasons, they have run around my work for 8 hours a day. They have lead me across the sands and over costal paths that inspired the likes of Dylan Thomas.

These sandals have chased my children around the block, hung out the washing, ran to the shop and back and, on occassion, been known to kick my husband under the table.

These sandals have scaled mountains, albeit a small mountain in wales, but still a mountain.

These sandals have been kick aside by my kids running throught the house, jammed against the wall by the door, left in the car over night in freezing conditions, left in the garden over night (eeewwww bugs the next day), ran through the sea, scaled rock pools, stuffed under the bed for safe keeping until dry enough to dig them out, shuffeled in by both my kids (while the most amusing sight you will ever see is you child flopping around in your oversized shoes) and even put through the washing machine.

I fear my days are limited with these, the most trusted of sandals. I am scared the day will come when I have to part with my most trusted friends. After all we have been through together you were always the ones who carried me the furthest and the highest.

So I stand and I raise a glass to possibly, in my mind without a doubt, the most magnificent sandals in the world.